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Argentine Silent Cinema
by Natacha Muriel
This historical research shows as they are transmitted moral and aesthetic values ​​through the tango performances in the Argentine cinema. The body creates a poetic image that explains the ways in which recognizes the individual in society in the twentieth century . [Doctoral Reserch}


Tribute to Federico Valle team
Silent Film "La mujer de Medianoche"
Dir . Campogalliani four Valle Team
Music: Buenos Aires ( Romero & Joves ) Orquesta Darienzo
Performance: Natacha Muriel & Lucas Magalhães (CIA TIPICA TANGO )
Spectacle resulting from the Doctoral Research " Cinema & Performance" Prof. Dr. Natacha López Muriel Gallucci / Advisor: Prof. Dr. Francisco Teixeira Elinaldo Institute of Arts - University of Campinas, Brazil
Tribute to Jose Agustin Ferreyra
Silent Film "La vueta al bulin"
Music: Oro y Plata (Manzi) x La biaba
Performance: Natacha Muriel & Lucas Magalhaes
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