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The Company develops one pedagogical task around the Argentine and Latin American culture. Coordinated by Prof. Natacha Muriel since 2007 the Company has presented different shows: "Tango, uma filosofia do abraço", "Tango poetica del sur", "Luna de Tango”. I and II International Tango Festival FTC Campinas, 2008 +  2010. Every year the Company trains artists in dance and performance (chacarera, zamba, tango, milonga, vals, candombe, etc.)
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Tango Dance: Gestus & Phylosophy 

Choreographic Study


by Natacha Muriel


 This propaedeutic workshop presents two fundamental topics in improvised tango. On the one hand, the "connection" in the traditional tango with its different perception of body flanks, and on the other hand, the "dissociation", one of the most important concepts to understand the spirals in tango dance. We work from the breathing exercises and body alignment developed specifically to understand the embrace of traditional tango, and the changes that took place in the period of one hundred years to become an "elastic embrace". The improvisation work here was developed in the traditional tango dance, as a result of the relationship between the different embraces and the possibilities of the spiral movements as centrifugal energy.
♫ SYSTEMS OF AXIS “0”, “+1” AND “-1” (Intermediate Level)
 The workshop suggests emphasizing work with the use of three fundamental axis in tango: “0” [in the axis], “+1” ["volcada"], “-1” ["colgada"]. The understanding of organic forms between the different transitions of axis helps the student to create more harmony and beautiful  sequences.
   In this workshop, our goal is to develop specifics skills to study the walking in tango dance through the different Systems of Movement. Each system - which we named “H”, “L” and “V”, is a product of the historical codification study of the body in tango dance (this workshop is associated to a Master Class: A TANGO HISTORY IN ARGENTINIAN CINEMA). As what happened in jazz music, the tango community has found forms to show the already known movements from a new point of view. The improvisation in tango created a double connection: with the traditional and folkloric Argentinian approach of the music (using the syncope, he subtraction or the repetition of movements, for example), and with the contemporary forms named "tango nuevo”, through different tools like the suspensions, the oppositions and the stops.
  Exercises on the floor and in the bar allow dancers to release the hips and legs, improve the balance of the horizons (shoulders, iliac crests, knees, malleoli) and delicately project the "adornos". The unloading weight will be studied in every movement of turn to organize the angles and understand the ellipse “floor – air – floor” in tango dance. Exercises: combination with " boleos", "ochos", "cepillados", "enrrosques", "contraboleos" "ganchos" and suspensions

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